Sleep is …..

A lot of people are doing this new age thing called sleep….
But I have decided to live my life with redbull as my life force and a constant feeling of faintness.

Not only am I a full time student but now I have a part time job that included working doubles on the weekends.
I’m beginning to wonder if school is something I should continue with next year or take a year of…but gap years are black holes that never let you go back to school. But what else is there to do when you feel like a 2 year old trying to learn advanced calculus.
Whatever, let’s just see if I pass macroeconomics first……


bitches be krumping.

When all your friends are pledging…..

…..your life dramatically changes…

I have never understood the draw of greek life……but it turns out most of my guy friends do. So goodbye them and hello to my bed. 

I think frats believe that their pledge process is more important because you need a higher security clearance to find out about what happens for their pledging that you do to find out the nuclear launch codes. 

The closed frat parties provide an evenings entertainment – as good as a movie but for free. Closed parties provide a place where the women are there to be chosen by the brothers and the pledges of the frat. I can’t tell if it is a cunning plan or a blatant show of how little game some brothers must have. The ratio brashly outweighs the 40%male 60%female ratio of AU. 

The girls at these parties though have come to understand that if you want to be noticed in the sea of ladies that you have got to stand out a bit. One girl took it a bit too far – though I am not complaining. The skinny white girl proceeded to break out onto the empty dance floor at about 10:00 and ……


for real, I haven’t seen krumping in years, but this bitch is bringing it back. Maybe harem pants and scrunchies are on their way, I should probably consult her.

This is why I have bags under my eyes….

You know that moment at 3 am when you’ve had a bad day and you just want to go to sleep but then your roommate brings a guy back to the room?
but guess what? nothings happening. nothing. at all. just talking
but guess what again…..its really loud and now I just get to stay up all night. Thank god im so far behind on tv shows. yay for being lazy at something.

Moving back to the states was hard enough, but moving into college has been a really hard transition. I went from having too much personal space to having less than the prisoners at Guantanamo. One of my roommates has the magic ability to disappear for days on end and my other roommate arrives whenever she isn’t supposed to…’s like the whole beetlejuice thing. Say her name too many times – even in your head – and she will arrive.

Anyways. College has been really good for meeting people. Not people that are potential partners for dancing the horizontal chacha but other people. Great friends and all that. REALLY good for finding out very quickly who the people are that you can’t stand. SUPER SIMPLE.

It has also been really good at adding to my rebull addiction because sleep never comes…

lets try this out….

Question 1: Do I really have friends or just acquaintances? Last semester I seemed to be doing really well, and now all I wonder about is wether or not I am actually able to connect with people.

Question 2: What is a love life? I don’t have one. I have decided to invest all my energy that could go to one into an amazing cat collection. It’ll be great. 

Question 3: Sleep….will it come? Or will I shrivel up into a raisin because of all the chemicals and redbull i keep in my system. If one day soon I get blood drawn and the only thing that comes out is redbull, expect no surprise from me.

Question 4: What the fuck is AU trying to teach me? None of my classes are really supplying me with knowledge, and I do zero work for them. woops.